Mar. 16th, 2012

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is there any way to dye a couch, without taking off the fabric...? it's already been rained on... so wetting would not be an issue. kind of a dirty white color but the fabric is so cool... we were thinking a deep purple would be so retro but are total noobs to anything like this sort of undertaking. possible? or have we our head in the clouds?
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Hi everyone! I have just a couple of fused glass pendants today. A rainbow jellyfish, and three mushrooms

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Hi all! Just want to share this great idea to use leftovers and upcycled materials.
This journal was made by my stepfather. He used leftover gabric pieces for the cover.

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Dear friends! Let me show you my new cartooned beading tutorial. It shows the principle of new weaving. It can't be stopped, I'm sorry, but it is so simple and clear that can be easily understood without pausing.
So, click the pic, please:

My other animated beading tutorials are available here:
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Does anyone here happen to have a Simplicity 1880 pattern they'd like to sell/swap for something? (It's this one in the smaller size range They don't sell it here in the UK because it's some kind of Project Runway tie-in, and their US website wanted to charge me $18 to send one pattern to England. Any takers? I can either pay or swap you some of the vintage patterns I have.
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here are a few shawls and scarves i've made recently:

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i think i'm getting the hang of this. there's a tiny Cthulhu and a little kitten behind the cut )

this was x-posted at [ profile] crochetcrochet and my own journal. you can see more of my stuff at Caren's Crochet Crafts too.


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