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Hello! I'm new to the comm and this is my first post. I hope you enjoy it.

A few months ago, my husband and I found a barely-used Dora the Explorer backpack at a car boot sale. Our daughter loved it, but I couldn't help noticing it was missing something - the all-important Star Pocket! I took a notion and decided that I'd try to make one. Here are some pics I took during and after making it.

I forgot to take a picture of the materials I used, but here's a quick list:

* Felt in purple, red, yellow, blue, green, and pink.
* 6in zipper
* Needle and (purple) thread
* Hot glue gun and glue

First I cut the shapes I needed. The star shapes are about 8 inches in diameter and the connecting strip is about 2 inches wide. I attached the zipper to the connecting strip before I sewed it to the star shapes.

One thing you might notice is I actually ended up sewing the wrong side, but, in the end, you can't really tell and my daughter doesn't care, so woohoo! I'll know better for next time.

I made happy little stars to go inside, using the hot glue gun and different coloured felt pieces. She loves to take them up and throw them in the air, shouting "catch them, catch them!"

More glue gun action went into creating the multi-coloured front of the pocket. I also added a loop to the back of the pocket so that I could attach it to a keyring. I then used that to connect it to an open loop on the backpack rather than trying to sew the pocket completely onto it.

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Hey craftgrrls! (and maybe craftdudes?) I have a question.

I do paintings on stuff like pieces of drywall, or cardboard, or irregularly-shaped stuff like that. If I wanted to make prints of any of these paintings, would there be a way to do it?

Thanks for any advice!
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Ok, so I've been really wanting to pick up a craft to practice and at the beginning of the year I picked up a knifty knitter roun loom set because I wanted a easy way to make beanies!
I knew that I'd get horribly frustrated trying to teach myself to knit and I don't have any friends/family locally that could teach me how to knit, so the round loom seemed pretty easy.

It has been super easy and I loved the first couple of beanies I made for my brothers.
I've come to a sorta roadblock with yarns. I liked the results I got from using a Red Heart SUper Savor #4 cheapo yarn with a softer(to the touch) yarn like Vanna's Choice #4...I don't know if it was pure luck or what, but the beanie that resulted from that combo was amazing! I just can't seem to get the same result again, so I sit aside everything aside and forgot about it over summer.

Now cooler weather is coming and I want to try it again. So any suggestions on yarns to use for round loom knitting that have given you good results? Someone suggested yarns with a bit of stretch to them, but I tried googling for days before giving up and just purchased the Red Heart to start with.

I've got a gorgeous #6 yarn that I want to try out, but I think I'll either need to purchase another #6(since I prefer beanies with at least 2 strands of yarn) or save it for when I get the loom to make scarves or learn how to knit properly because it definitely doesn't seem to work well with any of the yarns I already have.

Or if anyone has suggestions on a better place to ask, I'll take those too!
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S c a r f - c a p e 
brown and white

*** )



diameter 60cm
wool 50%
acrylic 50%
metal (hook-and-clasp)
crocheted. I wear myself)

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Join me in the NaCraMaMo challenge! Work on a craft project every day in October, and post pictures of your progress in [livejournal.com profile] nacramamo.

Here's the project that started off my NaCraMaMo:

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Nice and blocked and everything!


xposted to [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com]
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I couldn't help myself. Instead of studying, like a good girl should - I sit and fold. ~.~' I found these two to be incredibly cute and couldn't resist making them.

Pucca is about 440 pieces, Garu is 420~ish. She took about a day to make, while he was folded in a few hours. I used whatever animation I could find of them as reference. The umbrella is a little deformed as it was made in five minutes. Definitely a Valentine's Day type of gift though. Would make someone really happy, I'm sure. And somehow, it makes me think of Goong, lol. I have no idea why, honestly.

Hope you guys enjoy this.

PS. If anyone would like a diagram for this, I could whip one up in case anyone decides they want to try this. 
PPS. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to view and comment! Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. (~///~)

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Hi all!
Over the past couple months, one of my obsessions is making book clutches out of old unwanted books. They're not as cool as the   SUPER COOL ones on Etsy, but they're actually pretty handy. And since it was so fun to make, I'm holding a craft event in San Francisco, inviting people to come make book clutches with me. It's on Tuesday, October 16th from 3-5pm at the Chinatown Branch Library.

What do you think? 
(Fake Cut to my Journal for more pictures, plus tutorial and event info!)
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I was given a pile of yarn, much of it variegated, a while back. I was a new crocheter/knitter but I quickly realized that multi-colored yarn is much harder to make look nice than solids, even solids in weird colors. Looking for patterns for variegated yarn on-line brought up lots and lots of potholders. >.>

So, after many trials and much experimentation, I've come up with a few guidelines that might be helpful to other people who find themselves with some 'oh, but it looked so pretty in the store' yarn. So, er, some of my projects and probably more than anyone wants to know about variegated yarn are over here.
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I was working on a lop rabbit pattern, getting it all sewed and stuffed and just when I was working on the eyes it hit me. THIS head pattern could be altered to be a fox! All I needed to do was push back the forehead a little, bring the muzzle out more, make big foxy ears and cheek patches. So I drew it all out and tried it using cheapo felt.

Man, the prototype was almost perfect! The shape, the size, just a bit of tweaking here and there with the ears and cheek patches. (Note to self, use less stuffing in cheek patches.) I was planning on getting some of the red fur material daughter gave me to work on it tomorrow but when I looked at the head from another angle it reminded me of....a fawn!

Ok, another pattern. Make the muzzle slightly longer and more squared off, increase the forehead just a bit and there it was! And danged if it ain't life-sized to boot! So instead of cutting material I think I'll spend the day making the fawn's body. Wednesday I'll go get more needed material (the fox needs black fur for legs and I think I'll make the fawn all over in brown felt. Plus stuffing!! I need stuffing!!!)

As for the bunny I'm making it some chibi eyes from felt as the buttons just don't look right. I tried them for the heck of it on the fox and it just looked like an alien! LOL

And if I make this fawn then I'll have to alter the pony pattern once more to make a mommy for it. Poor lil thing can't be along, after all!

I am on a plushie roll!!!!
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Does anyone know of a place where I can get things enlarged? Like you find a pick on the internet and you want it traced (like the teachers used do in school for their bulletin boards)?

Do craft stores like michael's or HL sell diecuts?

I am working on a project and I don't have access to large colored paper or a projector. (I'm also incredibly sick so I can't just go out looking without a purpose and know they sell it. :( )
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I haven't posted here for a long time, so now I have a lot of new works to show =)


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I made this boxes for people that is coming to work in my work area (hardware)

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It's my first post here (no more lurking for me ;)), so, hello, everyone. 

After I got a gorgeous skein of Dale of Norway yarn as a gift, I immediately knew it was going to be my beret. But, the beret-to-be needed an embellishment, so I came up with a brooch. 

Made of pheasant feathers (some of them naturally iridescent), lots of glue and a piece of felt. Mess obtained equals only the fun I had. The design, if you can call it so, is entirely mine. And entirely random. 

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Well hello there my lovely crafty ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted my fused dichroic glass pendants, so I have a few to share. The first one is a customized space pendant set into silver that I made for one of our own dear members. Also, for those of you who have been asking about the space shoes, I promise I haven't forgotten!

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My best friend just bought her first house and I want to make her a welcome sign. She really likes skunks and I thought it'd be cute to make her a sign with a skunk walking along and the word "Welcome" trailing along as puffs of smoke. Of course it's a joke about a skunk's smell but she'll love it.

Problem is, I don't have any cross stitch skunk patterns and the only ones I can find online are either too cutesy or not well done. I don't have a program to convert pictures to cross stitch patterns either. Has anyone seen or know where I can get a decent skunk pattern? The skunk can be sitting, standing, or walking.

Thanks for any assistance.
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This craft project is so awesome and I'd love to do it.  However, without writing instructions or any kind of pattern that I could trace, I'm at a loss.  I don't own a protractor so it makes it even harder to do.  Does anyone have any english instructions?  Or will be willing to do some kind of pattern?
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This is my first successful attempt at designing a hand-knitted hat and I'm so proud of it. :)

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