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My new quilt. It took me about 1.5 weeks to make, so I am thinking I am done with quilting for a while. I prefer one day projects. The design is copied from a book of japanese quilts.
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I'm a little obsessed with how my pantry looks (it's a sickness), so for some time, I have been wanting to do something about how flour, sugar, and rice is stored. I decided to use old fashioned cotton sacks, so I made this one today.

Flour Sack 002

I will be making a tutorial for this very easy beginners project when I make the other sacks. For those who don't need a tutorial, basically, I measured the sack, cut out front and back, sewed it up and formed boxed corners on the bottom edge. I hemmed the top edge and then sewed in a strip of velcro. To keep the sack from sagging as the flour is used up, you can stuff it with grocery store bags if you are as fussy as I am.

The image is transferred after construction so that it can be properly centered.

I found the image in a google photo search, cleaned it up in Photoshop and used the transfer technique that is explained here.
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I made some whales using this tutorial I found on Pinterest. The big one is a cushion for our sofa, and the small ones are gifts for friends.

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Here's a (not so great) photo of the cushion on our sofa. My boyfriend says he wants a manatee shaped one now.
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Flower Pillow 003

I've made a very image heavy tutorial for the layered petal pillow I posted here yesterday, for those who were interested in knowing how I sewed it. You can find the instructions here.

If something isn't clear, or if you have questions, you can message me or leave a comment.
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May be somebody remembers, a week ago I posted three MUG RAGS. Well, it turned out they were first  pieces from a breakfast set I am making now. So the new additions are:

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I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant with my second child (and on bed rest right now-UGH). I wanted to make a quilt for the new baby (Ramona) and one for my 3 year old son Marshall to be able to share with his new baby sister. Thankfully, I just finished up the second quilt this weekend before being ordered on bed rest for the next three weeks on Monday!

The first one I made was the Marshall quilt. I wanted to try a chevron pattern, since I came across so many of those on pinterest while searching for quilt ideas. I really love the look of them, but couldn't find an exact pattern to go by. I ended up figuring out the process myself and making it up as I went along. I'm very pleased with it!
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Ramona's quilt is much smaller, more of a newborn/receiving blanket size that's perfect for tucking into a car seat or draping around us while breastfeeding. I went with a very basic patchwork in pinks, reds, corals, and greys:
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All photos link back to either my personal flickr or the companion flickr group to my community [livejournal.com profile] sewalong. There are many more photos there, if you'd like a detailed description of how I made either of the quilts. [livejournal.com profile] sewalong also contains detailed tutorials of my process and a supply list, if anyone is interested. This is in no way intended to be a way of trolling for new members, by the way! I just want to share the projects, if anyone is interested in trying them. My tutorials are all public, so you don't have to join to see them.
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I sewed these pillow covers over the weekend, stitching the snowflakes on by hand while watching TV and wow, hand stitching takes forever.


I've put a tutorial here for those who are interested.
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So I made this pretty thing the other day.


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I needed valances to hide the sun shades in my windows and I couldn't find what I had in mind anywhere so I made a pattern and sewed my own. I'm going to put an image heavy tutorial behind a cut for those who want to know how I did this easy project at the very expensive cost of just over four whole Canadian dollars and about an hour of time.


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Awhile back, a very dear friend gave me bins and bins full of fabrics and Christmas craft items. Since I have a very good sewing machine and like sewing I figured I would start making some things from the fabrics. I made a table runner for another girlfriend for her birthday and today I went down to the basement and looked through the fabrics again, looking for some lightweight fabric and backing. I found a really neat craft idea in a book I bought last year. It is a casserole tote. I found some nice fabric so I got busy and made it.
It was easy enough to make. It has quilting batting between the front and back layers for insulation and should keep the casserole hot for quite some time. The carrying handles are wooden dowels that can be removed when washing the carrier.
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I'm a lazy person. When I lived in an apartment, my curtains were always flat sheets - I mean, they come in a million colors and patterns and already have a built-in rod pocket. How simple is that?

Fast-forward several years, and I'm looking for a way to make really fast bags to store my coin belts for belly dancing. I have a gorgeous one I crocheted, but I really don't want to spend that much time for each one (it's amazing how fast you pile up costumes...)

Someone gave me a pile of t-shirts, and suddenly a light bulb went off over my head... I doubt I'm the only one to ever think of it, but since my searching didn't come up with anything like it (or I would have made tons already...):

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Hi :)

I'm looking for a cute and simple apron pattern, maybe something a bit vintage. Or tutorials, I looked in the memories with no luck.
Thanks a lot!!! :)
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I'm making aprons for the ladies this holiday, but my brother is darn good cook too.
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I have been workin on my apron for a week, off and on [mainly the weekends]. I finally finished it about an hour ago and I'm totally stoked as it was the first time I used a pattern in 8 years and the first time I have ever completed such a complex item [which isn't that complex compared to some of the things you all do] and had it look good in the end. Yes, I made mistakes and I see them but I won't point them out because if you don't know they are there - I am hoping you don't notice them. +laffs+

I showed Brian [my husband] the pattern, and he was like 'eww, that one is ugly, don't make it' and I was like 'I know the fabric makes it look bad, but I REALLY like it - just imagine it with different fabric' and he wa slike 'don't make it, seriously, make this one +points to the other full apron' and then I was done and I put it on and he was like 'OH MY GOD, that is so awesome - it is so flattering and super cute and I can't believe you made that, it look sos good!'

1.) Sewing curves isn't as hard as it looks
2.) Sewing bias tape onto the edges is harder than it looks
3.) Sewing bias tape around curves is demonic
4.) Never tell your husband anything about your tools or show him how it is funny that the sewing machine company gave you a screwdriver to remove x and y screws yet it doesn't fit because it is too tall.. as he will run off with it and cut it in half ot make it smaller - thus, not being able to turn the screw driver at all it would not work. =o\
5.) I CAN complete a complex project and actually like how it turns out. =o)

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I used this pattern
but there is a free one here
this is the flower fabric
this is the dotted fabric

Does anyone know of a website or something that lists all the things tobuy for a home - preferably divided into each room. Iknow that sounds crazy but I hope to make things for our home to decorate. For every room. So far, I know dining room = table cloth, napkins, placemats and kitchen = oven mits/hot pad things to put hot places on & tea towels.. Or for those of you who happen to be doing this as well, maybe you all have a list you could share with me??
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First: the teaser. :-)  Also, a warning to put your sunglasses on.  I nearly went blind sewing this thing.

Second, the question: has anyone used Thermoweb fusible vinyl coating on their projects before?  As you can see, it's a clear coat of vinyl to waterproof your totally cool fabric so you don't have to settle for Grandma's florals or 80's style abstract in the ready-made outdoor waterproof prints.  This is a test scrap.  The vinyl has coated the fabric very nicely, and I even got the flash at a non-glaring angle (woo-hoo, Elfie! for taking a decent picture!). I can still prise up the corner of the patch, pretty easily, though. Has anyone else used this kind of thing, and if so, have you found it to scratch up easily, look worn out quickly, and otherwise looked great for two weeks before compulsively getting your fingernails under every last scrap?  I wanted to use this to waterproof the bottom of my tote, but I forgot to bring it with me to my sewing club meet when I was cutting the fabric, and once the seams were sewn, I wasn't going to try to put it on after the fact -- too many angles, too many air bubbles, and I finally got my mojo going, so I didn't want to wreck my first inspired piece in ages.  I may do a few more for my market table, though, hence the question.

OK. On to tote goodness under the cut.  (That would be lots of words, and 8 more pics, all under 600 pixels in size. This may not be dial-up friendly.)

Cross-posted to a few places.
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