Dec. 12th, 2009


Dec. 12th, 2009 01:04 am
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I really wanted to make my friends aprons for Christmas. I ended up making my own pattern for the first time, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

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Potholders are so great for someone with the attention span of a fly, such as myself. I have a jacket sitting in my closet that has been half sewn and all pinned up for WEEKS now, but I can crank out potholders like nobody's business.

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Okay, so I have been so neglectful of my crafting recently, but I thought I might share some of my recent projects in case anyone needs present ideas. =D

Oh, yes and Merry Christmas to all you wonderful, crafty, imaginative people out there!

Rudolph toy:

My favourite part of him... =D

Okay, no more teasing, here he is! )

Pokemon felt badges:


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P.S. Sorry if you see these elsewhere, I crosspost a bit, and people need lots of ideas during Christmas-time!

I also made a cardboard Christmas Tree-shaped advent calendar, but I am way too late to post that. It is here if anyone needs ideas for next year. =D

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I posted earlier about face makeup for my classes opera. We're having a family cast party (and masquerade ball for the children after the show. My boss has agreed to order dinner - pasta and garlic bread, but that's it. No dessert or hors d'oeuvres. But this is the first time I'll have met half of the parents, plus the program auditors will be there. I really want to make a good impression and surprise the kids. I'm turning the cafeteria into a winter wonderland (hopefully). I bought white table cloths and white lights. I saw this craft that uses fishing line and cotton balls to look like falling snow from the ceiling. (And, I'm attempting to make a large stuffed snowman.) I also have white streamers. One wall is going to be covered in a white sheet where the parents and staff can write congratulations notes with sharpies. The kids will also autograph it, and will hang it in my classroom when the party is over. There will also be black and white photographs of each child. I also need centerpieces (preferably white or silver). I bought tinsel-if that helps...

I wanted to have the kids do their handprints/footprints and signatures like Grauman's Chinese theater pavements. I looked at plaster of paris, but its pretty expensive for what I need. Is there a kid friendly cement/plaster mix that I can make from home made ingredients?

I'm also making VIP bags for the cast. I'm putting a copy of the book the opera is based on, and some original music from the show. Any cheap but nice suggestions to jazz up the gifts in the bag?

Suggestions for centerpieces?
And suggestions for that theater pavement?
And suggestions for the VIP gift bags?

All of these items will be gifts for the children and their families.
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Not only did I put the first ornament on the tree, but I made it myself. Pompoms, pipe cleaners, super glue, scrap of fabric, and a cotton ball.

Because I was bored and have a wacky sense of humor...
The Christmas Spider... )
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This is the ornament I made for our annual handmade ornament exchange party. I shaped the base out of tinfoil and then covered it in four layers of maché before painting it. The "lights" around the roof are made of embroidery thread and glass seed beads.
mushroom cottage ornament

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